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Hello Maestro!

We hope this can be the perfect app for music composers, songwriters, music students and everyone who wishes to write music easily

Compose music quick and easy like a maestro!
Write and Learn Musical Notations

Notes, Chorded Notes, Layered Notes
Rests, Multi-Measure Rest

Measure Bars and Repeat Signs
Da Capo, Dal Segno, Segno, Coda, Fine and Different Endings

Staccato, Staccatissimo, Accent, Tenuto
Fermata, Trill, Tremolo, Mordent and more Articulations

Dot, Double Dot, Beam, Tie, Slur
Duplets, Triplets, Quintuplets, Grace Note and more

Accidentals, Quarter Tones and Dynamics

Octave and Transposition

Change Clef
Treble, Bass, Alto, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano
Tenor, Baritone, Drums and Mono-Tone Percussion

Write Lyrics, Chord Texts and Finger Numbers

Change Tempo
Time Signature
Key Signature

Play your Masterpiece Instantly

Set Playback Parts and Repeat
Supports Multiple Instruments

Play your music with more than 100 Instruments
Piano, Organ, Violin, Cello and other Strings
Guitar, Brass, Leed, Pipe and Drums

Name your Masterpiece

Name the Title, Subtitle and Composer
Export to Image Files and Print your Sheet Music

Zoom in and out to draw more or fewer notes in one line
Save as an image file as you see on the screen
Supports saving as JPG, PNG and PDF formats

Export to Audio File

Send your music to friends
Set your composition as a ringtone
Supports saving as MIDI and MP3 formats

All Features are Free!

No Limitations
Everything is open and free
Supports Tablets and all size of devices

Want to become a Popular Maestro? Check out our Concert Hall

Host your music at the Concert Hall and see if others like it
The Concert Hall is where you can post your music or listen and see other maestro's work
It is another fun way of learning how to write the various musical notations and symbols

Get some new inspirations!

We value your feedback and suggestions!

We are very keen to make Maestro better
You are an artist creating music with Maestro and we are a digital artist creating this Maestro